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Vol 1 No 1 (2017): Special Edition

This journal is intended primarily for K-12 teachers and students. Here they can have their results and research published. Both of them are invited to submit works for us (as single authors or coauthors).

For K-12 students is a rare opportunity to have an academic publication before being admitted to universities worldwide. A valuable item for their candidacy!

    K-12 students can send us articles. English teachers can be coauthors to ensure the correct usage of the language. Math teachers can be coauthors. Teachers do not have to have, necessarily, the same school affiliation of the students. Special Articles session.
    Grad or undergrad students are also welcome to send us articles. Articles session.
    Teachers are welcome to send us articles. Articles session.

The editor of the journal is responsible for deciding which of the articles submitted to the journal should be published. The scope of the IMAHNATION is Mathematics and Mathematics Education as a whole. All articles will be edited to the same rigorous standards.

In its first edition, the editor presents pieces that are examples of our publishing scope and stimulate you to consider us to submit your work.

Published: 2017-04-23
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